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earlier for everyone exposed the guards Reebok Sock Runner Ultraknit high tube, feeling spread in the field of fashion design and movement of upper recently more and more like a trend. The major fashion brands such as Balenciaga and Vetements, are using the high tube socks shoes design elements. Reebok's new Sock Runner Ultraknit this type of shoes, the continuation of the previous hot Pump Supreme avant-garde appearance, but because the shoe body contour, Pump system has been removed, but the new Ultraknit technology is more fit to increase fixed shoes can. Can you manage it? , but how do I look like the actors on the feet of the costume drama... APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! now we will discuss to what's been called "Pure Money"! Ad taken in the early stage of Nike, mainly to show athletes through the daily hard training, to achieve the impossible, but later in the early concept of mirror cannot resonate with the Jordan Brand, after the "Wizard" invited a powerful and unconstrained style director Spike Lee to perform a series of cooperation, the first time will be humorous with the Pop - music element placement on the inside, see after Nike opened new doors. in the implementation of the filming process, genius director Spike Lee's Mars Blackmon Jordan name is Money, because of what? Because in the western culture of black Money represents a reliable, trusted object. So this kind of Air Jordan 4 is named "Pur cheap jordans for sale e Money", but the extra must be mentioned is that the reason has three "named" the most important points! The first is the Jordan game no one enemy, behind, no one can draw a city like him, the second point is this pair of shoes color collocation is very appropriate and does not lose the texture in the daily life, the last point is a special feeling for the Western black white shoes, so the black traditional culture to be named. Air Jordan 4+ Bling Bling - 2000 Air Jordan 4 "Pure Money" - 2006 Air Jordan 4 Retro "Silver Anniversary " - 2010 Air Jordan 4 "Pure Money" - 2017 of course! In order to commemorate Jordan Spike Lee and the strong friends should, and reflect the unique culture of the black, Nike is very hard to promote this pair of shoes. With excellent texture of cortical architecture and the body of the shoe, shoe buckle and heel Jumpman into the bare metal texture, the back end of the inside there is a "Pure$" embroidery, I'm afraid no one can stop this double charm. This pair of in China will advance sale date is April 29th, at 9 in the morning, the pricing of $1399 rmb. As for the worldwide release date will fall in May 13th, priced at $190. wait! Is not the end! After seeing the Air Jordan 4 Pure Money, we also briefly introduce another double Air Jordan XXXI Low "Pure Money"! All white knitting uppers, with full palm type Zoom A〉 with the Air Griffey Max 1 several color of the best-selling, NIKE homeopathy launched volt color Air Griffey Max. The shoes come with blue, black, white and other colors, and the electro green max air cushion is very nice. This section foamposites for cheap has been sold in Marquee Sole, and friends who like it can pay attention to it. , [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, , Warner Brothers, classic images, Quartet, joint series, shoes, Converse, Chuck, Taylor, December, new products comments on last article: Warner Brothers classic image, Quartet joint series shoes, next article: Converse Chuck Taylor, December new products in addition to many classic styles of abundant resources, PUMA once again by Easy Wing Mashup showed a new era of shoes trend, using the classic shoes EasyRider as the foundation, combined with the design of the shoe uppers, let the contemporary new pursuit of changeable fashion game player have a new topic, the design is the general shoes rare set, very suitable for autumn and winter fashion collocation with reasonable pricing, let a person feel why don't you try! , [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, , Warcraft, speed, Adidas, battle shoes, tricolor, full listing, visvim, latest winter, EIGER, BOOTS, FOLK, boots, details comments on : "Wow, speed, Adidas, battle shoes, three colors, fully listed" next article: visvim latest winter EIGER, BOOTS, FOLK boots detailsVivian Westwood ( Vivienne Westwood ) brand introduction:Vivian Westwood ( Vivienne Don Westwood: once the ) ( Vivienne Westwood ) is a sing one's own praises, never made the mother of punk. The British monster name -- Vivian Westwood ( Vivienne Westwood ) looks very gentle, but her character is like winter old bark, let England young mothers lasted for 30 years and have a toothache. Media favors Vivian Westwood ( cheap jordans Vivienne Westwood ), because of her strange frequency, unconventional, while both naive and adventure is a dual character, dig never-failing subject library; designers also endorsed Vivian Westwood ( Vivienne Westwood ), because they often played down her exaggerated design style, to find a path to the classic road. The history and future of dual dimension, Vivian Wister Wood ( Vivienne Westwood ) never cease to create the history of fashion the moment now.The Vivian Westwood ( Vivienne Westwood ) brand recognition:Vivian Westwood ( Vivienne Westwood ) Logo is Wang Guanqiu mark -- in gold and jewelry inlaid Malta cross and a Saturn ring shaped, fusion of classical and modern a brand the most classical sign.The Vivian Westwood ( Vivienne Westwood ) brand series:Vivienne Westwood AnglomaniaVivienne Westwood Red LabelVivienne Westwood Gold LabelVivienne Westwood Red ManVivian Wister Wood / Vivienne Westwood ( Vivienne·Westwood ) product classification: women, women's accessories, Menswear, men's accessories, perfume, giftThe Vivian Westwood ( Vivienne Westwood ) designer introduction:On April 8, 1941, Aries Vivian Westwood ( Vivienne Westwood ), was born in Cheshire ( Tintwistle, Glossop, Cheshire, England ). Vivian Westwood ( Vivienne Westwood ) is the first husband's name: West Wood ( Westwood ). Vivienne Westwood Chinese Name: Vivian Wister Wood, abbreviation: VW, called the " punk " godmother ", British she-devil ".Ironically, Vivian Wister Wood ( Vivienne Westwood ) has never had a formal clothing tailoring education, so that the top fashion master is a self-taught model. Vivian Westwood Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ( Vivienne Westwood ) once said : "I have no interest to cut, just like to wear clothes pull and push. " She didn't have the traditional cloth tailoring, but cut, to pin fixed cloth was designed, which based on the actual operating experience tailoring method that in 1979 she completed a large number of demolition edge t-shirt.Vivian Westwood ( Vivienne Westwood ) is obsessed with torn, slightly slide away from the body of the garment, she likes to have people in the body to swing freely between showing pornography, therefore, she often made under the buttocks portion open state, or in the jacket to make tight dress, or a tie for two legs, strange the heave socks also her invention. Oh, of course, also let Naomi wrestling with fetish tendency of platform shoes ... ... Of course, " if you put enough to shock, to live a better life! "Vivian Westwood and Mike Lavin ( Malcolm McLaren ) was the punk couple. After 1980, the Vivienne punk fashion, her name was changed to " the end of the world " ( World End ) so far. She is no longer as a guerrilla, and to the Paris senior fashion camp attacked. The first to enter the Paris Vivian Westwood ( Vivienne Westwood ) works as a " witch " series, with the external wearing underwear as the theme, threatened to throw everything at home in the secret world. Conquer senior clothing sector Vivienne increasingly immersed in British traditional fabrics and tailoring, and even their own brand logo design and the famous Harris Tweed Scotland are similar, and the traditional corset with the skirt from antique shop to turn out.Vivian Westwood ( Vivienne Westwood ):I was a jordans for sale rebel, but I'm not an outsider!I have no interest to cut, just like to wear clothes pull and push.I all of creation is the basis of the analysis of what I do every thing, and to establish a rational framework. A person only may influence the world is through a popular concept, this concept is the real world of subversion.Fashion is clamped, with wear and wear no maneuver in the male and female bipolar. Fashion is the ultimate goal of " naked ".Through the sewing, you can show you want to say one thing, I believe that everything in the arts in. You cannot teach creativity, creativity comes from technology. The creativity in the first place, is a twentieth Century made a terrible mistake.Christopher · Nolan, in 2008, made the world crazy with a "Batman" movie! "Batman: The Dark Knight" is almost win as the box office and word of mouth, is much darker and mature works than before "Batman", make the whole world have set off a "bat" frenzy. It is worth mentioning that, in our superhero stories, there is no classic pair of sneakers. In the early 90s, when Michael Jordan got his first 3 consecutive championships, the Batman movie came out with second and third movies, and Batman, the film star Michael Keaton, was wearing a special Air Jordan VI Batman boots to finish a wonderful fight scene. Whether Air Trainer III or Air Jordan VI, it can be seen that Nike and Jordan affect contemporary popular culture and lead the trend. Nike World Basketball Festival WBF 2012 Nike Basketball Fireberry suit 2013-12-08 22:18:04 in the World Basketball Festival saw Nike launch of the Washington note and Jordan cheap air jordans online Brand don't suit the launch of the World Basketball Festival Suite, to celebrate this World Basketball Festival from the United States to expand overseas, Nike and World Basketball Festival launched Fireberry theme dress shoes, the four Fireberry color Nike shoes are Nike LeBron 9 Low, Nike Zoom Kobe VII, Nike Zoom and Nike Hyperfuse 2012 Lunar Hyperdunk 2012, this four shoes will be officially on sale in the U.S. local time August 4th. The World Basketball Festival will be launched in Washington tomorrow, followed by the opening of Paris station on the weekend, and the final field of the World Basketball Festival will be held in Barcelona on the following weekend.1.jpg (69.97 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-12-4 14:47 upload Atmos always finds ways to The Court Victorys appear in Rounding out the Hologram Neon article_118.jpg (113.27 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-10-3 21:09 upload article_118_2.jpg (123.61 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-10-3 21:09 upload maybe is that prior to the "deep Pewter color is not enough, overwhelmed, KYRIE 1 again to bring a product called" Australia "color to pay tribute to the Carey & middot; Owen's hometown -- Australia, overall green, supplemented by bronze followed by details and light green Swoosh ornament, bring a closer to the nature of visual experience. App store search "get my sports life" download installation of get app, here are share Daren, the goddess of the sun, hot shoe money grab single worry; God help you to identify genuine and fake shoes. For enquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when clients", let more people to get your life! Source: nicekicksPassion and innovation are the vitality of football, the enemy, the legendary and new stars are derived from this. To celebrate the event is about to open the curtain, Nike Sportswear to Nike, Mercurial, Superfly and Nike Magista inspired to create a whole new range of products. First of all, the Mercurial series of men's products, including Nike, Free, Flyknit, Chukka, Nike, Air, Max 1, Nike, Roshe, Run, HYP, Nike, Air, Max,, Jacquard,'94, Nike, Tiempo, and so on. The new series will be on sale in June 12th. 0.jpg (245.29 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:24 2014-5-13 1.jpg (361.43 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:24 2014-5-13 2.jpg (240.94 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:24 2014-5-13 3.jpg (423.15 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:24 2014-5-13 4.jpg (320.62 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:24 2014-5-13 5.jpg (229.73 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:24 2014-5-13 A new season is basketball with endless stop and pause, but we are still some new shoes launched delight. this pair of orange and blue adiPURE yibaka player version may you see in the short term and his master in the NBA, we and Adidas basketball shoes department manager Jack Gary has a lot of communication. The content relates to the shoes to the details of inspiration. Of course I want to see more yibaka can wear on the pitch. reporter: what helps you have to design the double Ibaka adiPure? Jack Gray (hereinafter referred to as JG): we are thinking about how to describe this guy. He told us that he wants his twitter name changed to "Iblaka", as a rising flag rising in my mind, he is the best player in the game. Reporter: Reporter: have reporter: introduction section details of this pair of shoes? JG: this pair of Oklahoma color using the traditional pattern of Africa, as well as some strong contrast color collocation which we have never done before. Some bold colors, but the pattern still looks pretty good. Congo flag tongue heel (the tongue is pulled yibakaNBA regular season shoes reported 4.9 2014-05-06 22:47:03 Today the NBA conducted a total of six games: Pistons 102-95 Hawks; 91-110 Timberwolves Spurs, Carrefour 19 points and 12 rebounds, 23 points and seven assists Rubio; Nets 88-87 Miami Heat, James finally 3.4 s not the slam dunk, the Nets swept the regular season, the Heat was, Pierce 14 points, James 29 points and 10 rebounds; Jazz Mavericks 95-83; 107-92 Kings Thunder, Durant 23 points, scoring 41 25+ sessions to stay in Course, Kings Cousins ??24 points and 14 rebounds; rocket Lakers 145-130, Nash 3 points and 5 assists, a career total assists to reach 10,335 times, surpassing Mark - Jackson came in third place overall history assists list, second only to John - Stockton 15,806 and Jason - Kidd 12091 times. Next, enter today's NBA regular season sneakers report. Steve - Steve Nash: Nike Kobe 8 System Nick - Young: Air Jordan 3 Retro Rashard - Lewis: Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2013 LeBron - James: Nike Zoom Soldier 7 The - Mike Palermo: adidas D Rose 4.5 Demarcus - Cousins: Nike LeBron 8 PS Kevin - Durant: Nike KD 6 - Tim Duncan: adidas Crazyquick Kane - Riley: Nike Zoom HyperRev - Ray Allen: Air Jordan 11 Retro - Chris Anderson: Nike LeBron 10 Elite Alan - Anderson: Nike Hyperdunk 2013 Air Jordan 3 "Toro" exposure 2014-02-24 21:07:27 In this year's sale plan, we've seen more than double the figure of 3 Air Jordan, but also overwhelmed by a suspected "Toro" color version into our line of sight, using uppers big red suede material to build, black embellishment details sentenced, while the bottom places white colors. No other related news, please continue to focus SIZE shoes newspaper. Weibo Company Cooperative Contact Us Copyright Beijing Seth Times Media Culture Co., Ltd. Copyright? 2015 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP 13028176 Nike Running for the season recently launched a new "Celebration" series of running shoes, the series includes a total Air Zoom Pegasus 31 & nbsp; Celebration, Air Zoom Structure 18 Celebration and Air Zoom Elite 7 3 models outstanding running shoes, respectively, created male and female models. Men in dark blue and black presentation, female models to build places crimson, shoes overall feeling is more low-key, but its excellent performance is not concealed. It is reported that the series of Nike shoes will soon landed designated shops for sale, a friend might like to look at it.